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Made to Order, Made with Quality

​JB Squared Custom Leatherworks, LLC is a small one-man shop located near Brookhaven, Mississippi.  I specialize in handcrafted holsters, belts, and leather accessories.  

Don’t just carry any holster.  We use premium, American-made leather, from Wickett & Craig, Hermann Oak, and Acadia Leather.  All holsters are made to order; hand cut, dyed, and sewn with bonded nylon thread.  An acrylic sealer ensures your gear stays protected.  Check out our Inside the Waistband and Outside the Waistband holsters for your everyday carry needs. 


Currently our lead time on custom orders is approximately 6-8 weeks, as a safe estimate.  Your order may well be completed before that time.  Take a look at our In Stock page or the Gallery, and be sure to check back for news and updates to our product line.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to place a custom order.  Thank you again for choosing JB Squared Custom Leatherworks, LLC for your leather needs.​

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